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Finding the right team to implement a new system is very important process and can be a very delicate step that can lead to a project success or failure. It’s also important to construct the team that can believe in the goal and outcomes of the project to ensure highest productivities during the project lifecycle. It’s imperative to have the team that can take directions well, and also can speak their mind.

Right Team for Dependability Software

Egeland (2010) explained that in many organizations the project lead/project manager has the input into assembling the project team and the selection process, and when this happens, it’s important that the following questions to be answered:

  • What skills required for the project need? – The answer to such question will be based on the statement of work and the discussion with business about the project. Also, the project requirements will dictate what type of resource skills set will be required for the project.
  • What type of individual required for the project? The answer to the second question is more of management skills required to select the team with the soft skills (e.g. communication skills, verbal and writing skills) that can be aligned with the project requirements.

In addition to the technical skills required for the team, the soft skills also required within the team to increase the communications within the team, and reduce the team conflict that might happen during the project. Egeland (2010) argued that having the team that can pay attention to the project details, understanding their roles within the project, having the respect for the project leader/project manager and can obtain the honesty, and the integrity of the team players will ensure the project success.

Awad (2010) explained that by having the right team, and the right leader, or manager that has the business and technical knowledge will benefit tremendously the software project. It also important to evaluate the project leader, to ensure that such individual has the following skills:

  • The cross industry experience that help the project; and the team with knowledge.
  • Has the skill that encompasses a variety of software solutions.
  • Understand the business and how the software can be constructed from the business perspective.
  • Has the technical experience and knowledge that can add a significant value to the project.

The software development team should develop the right skills that can have a combination of the business knowledge, and the technical knowledge required for the construction of the software. The same rules applied to the project leader. Awad (2010) explained that when the leader of the project focuses only on the technical aspects of the software and ignores the fact of the business involvement, will create software that will lack the effective commercial results, and the future of business needs.

On the other hand the software leaders with good business foundation; and less technical experience will have difficulty understanding the business strategies in the form of software, and translate their ideas to the team (Awad, 2010).

Bajalan (2010) also explained that software leaders who only focus on technology are less likely to be able to align system with business needs with technology and also build the right team that can deliver the right product to the organization. Some of the reasons of lacking such alignment with business are:

  • Business will lack the opportunity to influence the product architecture or the system design.
  • Being heavily involved with the system development details will give a little time for developing the software vision and strategy.
  • Giving no time to facilitate communication between the technical team and the business.
  • The selection of the technology will be based on the personal preferences rather than the future of business needs.

Within any software project, the team problems can arise that can delay project deliverables and lead to project failure due to having the project over budget or out of scope. Having the project team that can fail to complete tasks or creating regular conflicts and mistakes can increase the chance of project failure. Having a team leader that can help to evolve the proficiency and the capability of the team is very important. Flexible Software Solution (n.d.) explained that each team member and the team leader/manager should ensure that the team have the right balance between technical skills required for the project and also understand the software process coupled with the business knowledge.


Kolinger (2011) explained that current studies indicate that 97% of all projects failure is due to people problems rather than technical reasons. Some of the signs of the team problem within any project are:

  • Unclear understanding of the team’s responsibilities and roles.
  • Lack of the communication tools that can help the team to easily contact the right people to resolve project’s problems, and communicate with the team members.

Finally, it’s imperative for any software project to have the right team that can have the right technical skills and the soft skills required for such project. Also, the leader of such project should have the mix of the technical skills, and the business knowledge that can leverage the overall project’s team knowledge.


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